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How Our Service Works?

 Traffic Audit

We first track our client’s traffic sources, traffic average time on the site and which keyword is bringing the most traffic to get a clear record of our client’s site.

Keywords Tracking

We’ll be tracking your keywords before getting started and provide you with a complete track report, so that you can have the record for the growth.

Backlinks Audit

We provide you with a complete Backlinks report. Report will include the most harmful link, and a complete audit of low quality links that we’ll replace with new quality links.

Complete Site Audit

We’ll provide you with a complete report of the content where we’ll be building links to, what On-Page fixes you needs and what are some other issues.

We Give Dedication To Clients Work

We believing in building a trust and understanding with our clients to follow successful strategies that are beneficial for their business growth. The target audience is focused with the objectives to be achieved with limited clients ratio so that each account is managed and well organized with the services and SEO strategies.

Our experts deal the clients by staying linked with them and keep communicating for any changes and development. It becomes quicker to identify and act on changes as soon as they are needed.

Effective On-Page and Off-Page SEO Strategies
We ensure to deliver a detailed web analysis with our expert team that makes it possible to make the page visible for the public to be easily located through search engines. Effective keywords help to grow your traffic and revenue which is our main focus to identify top performing keywords related to your business growth and provide appropriate pages for your website.
We create and ensure the valuable content for your websites that will not only spread your brand’s popularity but also give rise to several opportunities to link top websites back to you.

Our Case Studies Prove Our Comprehensive Strategies
Our SEO work is very unique and our expert team performs really well with digital marketing strategies to satisfy those who partner with us. They manage how SEO services integrate with social media on the web and content marketing along with public relations
We Deliver Transparent Reporting With Customized Output
For an SEO company, its crucial to work well with the campaign performance and keep records of the performance. Most of these SEO companies are following the same traditional generic reports for the accounts that are to be managed, while Capxa focuses more on targeting KPIs to build the custom reports for your company. The transparency in our work gains the trust of our client for any reporting and working for regular check on its website’s keyword performance as well as its rankings. The client stays connected with the firm to get all the updates regarding user behavior, and rankings of the website performance to understand the position of the website according to search engine’s ranking.

Excellent Performing SEO Services With A History

Our SEO services have been consistently performing really well for the international marketers as well as business organizations and our top experts have earned great name in the field of SEO services and optimization.

We are a team with 70+ experts working day and night for more than 200 clients that include famous SEO marketers as well as very well known business organizations. Our content and services has been published in top names such as Forbes and Entreprenuer, etc.

How Our SEO Works?
Ignite Visibility listens to your business goals, gets to know your brand identity, market, and competitive landscape and uses those insights to develop a custom strategy that gets you where you need to go–and beyond.
Why Work with Capxa?

We consider it our rightful duty to lead the SEO services and provide customers with the best response to get their websites a good number of traffic and other benefits. Our basic process includes.

Why To Choose Us?

  • Consistent 5-star reviews on the web
  • No boundaries with long term contracts; short and precise project is our preference
  • Named as top SEO service provider many times
  • Our quality SEO content is remarkable with top SEO consultants
  • Our SEO service also includes integration from Social Media, SEM as well as content marketing
  • Our work from experienced staff members lead to gain the trust of many trusted clients
  • Committed to excellence and quality service, we are a group of international SEO experts to provide international SEO consultation services

What SEO Work Do We Offer?

Custom SEO

Capxa provides customer SEO services to meet your business needs by analyzing the project plan and following a proper strategy. Make the best from our Custom SEO services to get the forecast, key performance indicators and the best SEO content, unlike any other organization.

Local SEO

Capxa is providing visibility for your business 24/7 with its local SEO services, making your business's presence at the top front like other top-notch companies. Our search engines make it possible to get your business to flaunt to the top searches of major search engine platforms like Google to help you increase your customers.

Seo Consulting

Capxa is here to analyze, review, or improve your business websites and increase performance in the search engine results. Our expert's advice lets you get along with incoming links and connections with proper guidance and recommendations to get more business traffic on the platform.

Digital PR With Link Building

We focus on communicating with the clients and public with the help of our experts and support team through multiple tactics and focus on growing the digital data for a business organization. We can take your online business to higher levels with the support from social media influencers, bloggers, and writers to make a campaign and supportive platform in order to grow and spread your business.

International SEO Consultation

Capxa provides services for all multiregional based website projects, including multilingual services to provide the best SEO content across the seas. The services play a major role for the companies to grow stronger and leave an impact of their presence according to the location being used in the real world as well as online too. Your websites will be structured according to any specific business regarding its location and the language being used.

E-Commerce SEO

With the right SEO content, you get the right and qualified customers for your business, and with the help of our E-Commerce SEO, you get guaranteed customers at your doorstep. Our markup is powerful enough to direct the search engines to understand the content on your site and gain more attention. It's our duty as a business platform to offer valuable e-commerce services to find out any technical problems and optimize the description for your business with the improvement of the linking structure as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FAQs

SEO services are helpful services for online businesses to succeed well in order to get to the top search rankings of search engines like Google. With these services, a business reaches more audience and grows typically within no time.

Here are some companies that perform well by utilizing SEO services.

  • Professional Services.
  • Medical Practices.
  • Online Businesses.
  • Pet Services.
  • Home Repairs/Renovations.
  • Real Estate.
  • Multi-Location.

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